Responsible Farming

Our Sustainable Christmas Tree Farm

At Wishon Evergreens, we understand that the idea of cutting down trees seems harmful to the environment. However, we believe in practicing sustainable farming practices to not only grow the best possible Christmas treeswreaths and garland, we also strive to care for the land itself to ensure the land both on our farm and the surrounding area thrives for generations to come!

Our Responsible Farming Practices

The majority of the trees we grow at Wishon Evergreens are Fraser Firs, which are native to our area of North Carolina. Growing native species is ideal for the environment because the land is adapted to them, rather than us having to "force" trees to grow.

Sustainable Farming Through Innovation

Wishon Evergreens uses genetically improved seed production to ensure healthy trees grow. With the aid of a computerized mapping system, our fields are scouted periodically, and our crew members are trained to search for problems. This proactive approach, in addition to our other methods, allows us to use the lowest possible rates of glyphosate and minimizes our use of pesticides. 


Founder and owner of Wishon Evergreens, Johnny Wishon, believes "If you take care of your farm, your environment, your crops - they will take care of you. Being stewards of the land is a privilege as well as a responsibility. I hope that what we're doing on our farm contributes to our overall purpose here on earth, which is to help each other."

Contact Our Christmas Tree Farm to Learn More

We're just as passionate about caring for the land we raised our family on as we are about providing high quality Christmas trees. Contact us today at (336) 372-7086 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our farming methods!