About Wishon Evergreens

Beginning in 1985, Johnny Wishon was still in college at North Carolina State University, planting a few hundred trees on family land.  Upon graduating in 1988, he took a job as agricultural teacher at Alleghany Highschool in Sparta, NC.  After teaching for ten years, Wishon quit his job as a teacher and decide to follow his passion of becoming a Christmas Tree Farmer.

Now, over three decades have passed and Wishon Evergreens has expanded to grow over 1,000 acres of Christmas Trees and since 2011, over 400 acres of pumpkins.  At Wishon Evergreens, quality products and Customer Service are key.

Bringing You The Best Christmas Trees

We are a family business, and our customers are part of the Wishon Evergreens Family.

At Wishon Evergreens we are committed to providing excellent quality products to families across the America. We love bringing the Blue Ridge Mountains to your families’ homes!