The Wishon Evergreens family:

Johnny Wishon

Owner/ President

Johnny is the founder of Wishon Evergreens, the Christmas Tree Company, and co-founder of Appalachian Produce Company. After graduating from NC State University, he went straight to work after college to teach high school in Sparta, NC, growing a few hundred trees a year as a side business. Beginning in 1998, Johnny quit teaching and began growing trees full time.  Since then, the company has grown significantly. “We ship to garden centers and retailers up and down the east coast, almost every state east of the Mississippi will get a Christmas tree from us. I love that what we are doing is the centerpiece for somebody's Christmas, that is a pretty good feeling.”  


Brad Wishon

Co-owner/ Sales and Production Manager

Brad, Johnny’s oldest son, came back to the family business in the fall of 2019. After graduating from NC State, Brad worked in the industry for several years and has brought back valuable experience.  He is now the Sales and Production Manager and has helped facilitate extensive growth. “ I came back to work for Wishon Evergreens because I have always wanted to help out with the family business and I want to see the company reach new heights.”   


Osvaldo Prado

Field Manager/ Crew Supervisor

Osvaldo Prado has been a part of Wishon Evergreens since 2001. Leaning on his extensive experience, he is in charge of field production for both trees and pumpkins.  Additionally, he is the crew supervisor, directly overseeing dozens of employees.  Osvaldo is an irreplaceable asset to the company and a cornerstone of its success. 

Leticia Siordia

Office Manager/ Designer

Leticia is the newest member of the team, having started in February 2021. She is the office manager and a key member of staff at Wishon Evergreens. Leticia is also in charge of product design and is very passionate about her multiple roles.  “I love working at Wishon Evergreens because the people here are so kind, loving, and appreciative of what I do!”    


Joe Scheffey

Equipment Manager

Joe Scheffey, working part time for many years, began his role full time in 2019.  Joe is in charge of all things equipment and serves as the company mechanic.  He plays an integral role in making sure everything within the company continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. 

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"We love bringing Christmas to your family! "- Anne Marie, Brad, Johnny, Linda, and Garrett (The Wishons)